First Post!

Hi everyone. Welcome.

This is the inaugural first post for my new blog. I started this to inspire myself to write more and to project my creativity outwards. Hopefully in that process I can not only hone my abilities, but inspire and maybe amuse others.

The name of this blog, Luna Matrix, is an ode to the contentedness and power of feminine energy and creativity. It also references our connection to the cycles of the earth that are sometimes mysterious.

I want to write about the creative process, bellydance, visual art, costume design, feminist social critiques, and my love of the natural beauty of Oregon and thereabouts. I’m also going to include snapshots of my life, what it’s like to be an artist who has to work a day job, a kooky eclectic 30-something who’s never managed to hold a “real” job for more than two years and who one day dreams of autonomy from the Capitalist grind.

For more on me and my “qualifications” on these subjects, you can read the bio in the left sidebar and/or checkout the About page.

Some specific topics that I’m going to write about are:

– Bellydance! (of course) Reviews of teachers, festivals, classes, videos, and costume gear. Musings on bellydance history, sub-genres, social impact, and the like. Reflections on my own dance practice and performances as a solo artist and with my band Black Magdalene.

– Costume design: Designs and inspiration for dance, festivals, and fun. Tutorials, tips and updates on the things I’m currently working on. Links to things on the web and other neat sparkly things.

– Social commentary, health and practice tips, random videos, music, musings on art and life,  goofy things… Yep, whatever else I feel like writing about.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to the good things to come…



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