Dance Updates – Shimmy Till Ya Drop

So I have been a busy dancing bee the last few weeks.

I have two big performances coming-up later this month. The first is with the band I recently joined as a dancer, Black Magdalene.
I really love love love this band’s music, it’s right up my alley, and perfect to belly dance to. So go check out their songs. And my co-dancer, the fabulous Ruby McConnell, is incredibly talented, it’s so lovely to dance with her!
We’ve been rehearsing weekly to try to get me at least a little up to speed with their choreography. Whew! It’s a lot to absorb, but such a great time. The dance style incorporates various belly dance styles, from ITS to tribal fusion to modern dance.
I’m also working on a redesign of some of the dance costumes. I’ll post about that soon. Think lovely lace and velvet and sparkly things, oh my!

The second performance is at Cues and Tattoos. It’ll be my first time performing (or even attending) this iconic belly dance festival, and I’m EXCITED. I’m performing with Ruby’s student troupe, and taking a class with the amazing Gypsy Fire Bellydance. This is at the end of the month, and I’ll be writing a whole big juicy post about it.

Aside from these two projects I’ve been dancing quite a bit on my own too, and doing much needed strength-training exercises.  I’m trying to get my chops up so I can last for Black Magdalene’s long sets!

In addition, (YES, MOAR DANCING)I’m thinking about adding some performances to April as well … stay tuned.


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