Bite Size Memoir #3 – “Magic and Fairy Tales”

This week’s installment in the “Bite Size Memoir” writing challenge. My childhood obsession with fairy tale princesses.
(Obviously I didn’t become a cynical feminist till later.)

Find out more about the challenge in Lisa Rieter’s blog.


Oh, to be young again, with no notion of reality’s constraints upon one’s future self. 

My first aspiration, at age 4 or 5, was to be a princess. It did not matter that I was a little American girl living with a single mom in an apartment whose carpets were so threadbare they rolled up in the vacuum cleaner.  I didn’t even have my own bedroom or my own bed, but I was convinced my destiny was to be royalty. 

I put myself through “Princess Training”, which mostly involved walking around with a heavy book balanced on my head, and daintily serving my stuffed animals tea. 

Though I never became royalty, and the thought of me being a princess is laughable, I did get some use out of that training. My posture has been an asset in acting and dance. And I have a fine appreciation of tea. 


5 thoughts on “Bite Size Memoir #3 – “Magic and Fairy Tales””

  1. I find this very amusing mostly because I was the exact opposite and my family wanted me to act more “princess like”. I hated dresses and would hang with the boys. I hated all “girl” things. I resented the thought of being a “little princess”. But, like you, I aspired to be more than I was and referred to myself as “royalty” quite frequently during my preteen and early teen years. -S. Elle Cameron


  2. What a sweet memory. Isn’t it amazing how our childhood minds can transform reality into royal possibilities? I especially like that it aided your future-self in posture and taste.


  3. Ah, posture and elegance – something we Tomboys never quite achieve! (though I may be a connoisseur of Earl Grey teas!) Thank you for sharing these dreams amidst their context – perhaps testimony to your Mum for not squashing them.


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