Cues and Tattoos

This post about my first trip to Cues and Tattoos is quite late… but better late than never! So here we go.
This was my first performance at a big belly dance festival. Yeeeeip! It was a fantastic trip, fun with a sprinkle of drama. I met new friends, got my dance on, and did some sight-seeing (and hurt my toe, luckily after we performed, but never mind that).

Cues and Tattoos takes place in Seattle every year, and draws an international array of belly dancers and brilliant/famous instructors. Workshops vary greatly in price, making it a really affordable place to get amazing belly dance instruction. Or, you can spring for expensive  intensives with world renowned teachers. (So worth it for those who have the cash to spend. I wish I did!) There are also tons of performances, by both the famous teachers and the students. It’s a great place to get exposure and experience performing. There is also AMAZING shopping. Jewelry, clothing, performance wear, make-up, and even a booth doing tattoos. As I walked through the vendor sections, drooling on myself, I wished the tree in my backyard would start sprouting dollar bills.

I performed with Ruby McConnell’s troupe, Red Moon Rising.
Here is a video of our performance. (CREEPY DOLL BELLYDANCE FTW!)
The music is by Victor St. Petersberg. Enjoy!


COMING SOON: Tribal Fest, video style. I wasn’t able to attend this year, but I will pick out the best videos and reviews for your enjoyment!

Tomorrow I fly out to organize a conference in England. I’ll be back in June with tales from my British adventures.




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