Louise Brooks Memes

I’ve decided the world needs some Louise Brooks quote memes.

Louise Brooks, if you’re not familiar, was a modern dancer, writer, follies girl and silent film actress.
She was a brilliant, but troubled woman who came from Kansas and became a smashing success in Hollywood, her charms seducing many, including Charlie Chaplain and Greta Garbo. Eventually, crossing the wrong people got her black-listed from Hollywood, and her life fell apart, only to be resurrected in later life  when she bloomed as a writer.

I’ve adored Louise ever since the age of 16 when my mom found her biography at a yard sale and brought it home for me to read. Her image was my first tattoo.

That biography is an amazing read, I highly recommend it: Louise Brooks, by Barry Paris 

And, there are a few biography films around, this is one:

And now, some delicious memes for your enjoyment. Feel free to take them a re-post where ever you like.

Louise Brooks Conquer

Louise Brooks bore you2

only Louise Brooks


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