30 Days of Happy Songs

Because why the fuck not.

I’ve been working on my write-up about this year’s Faerieworlds Festival, and just feeling pretty glowing and good after a fun weekend of camping and frolicking.
I want to keep the good vibes going, but also help deflect some outside negative energy I’m being exposed to right now, which can be exhausting. So a happiness challenge seems like a good motivator to keep positive and dance in my kitchen more.

I’m familiar with the 100 Happy Days thing that’s been going around, and that’s lovely. I’d like to tailor the concept to a shorter period of time and make the focus something that inspires, like music.

So for the next 30 days, I will be posting a happy song to my twitter feed every day, and I’ll do song round-ups on here every one or two weeks.

If you’d like to join in a post your favorite up-beat songs, please do! Or, you can just listen and smile (and shake your head at my sometimes odd taste in music).

Find my tweets: #30DaysofHappySongs

And my twitter—> @cypressmatrix

And here is the first song, inspired by a camping trip by the ocean with my mom and boyfriend the other week…


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